3-D Signs? Yes We Can!
June 2, 2015


So let’s be honest, the reason that Avatar was so truly awe-inspiring was not because it had an incredible plot, I mean it was good, to be sure, but what really blew you away were the graphics. Right? And I would be willing to bet that all of you who saw it in 3-D were extra super duper amazed by it. Am I right or am I right?

Based on this observation, one can conclude that the trick to standing out in the crowd is to make stunning graphics POP by giving them a bit of life, some dimension one might say. Can The SignMan do this? But of course!

We manufacture and install impeccable 3-D signs. Our 3-D signs can be indoor or outdoor and they are really made to last. In fact, you have probably already admired our work all over The Bahamas. Kafe Kalik, Park Lane Jewelers, The Plait Lady, among many others all have The SignMan to thank for manufacturing and installing their 3-D signs. Be sure to check out photos on our Facebook page!

Early last year, our computer numeric control (CNC) router was retrofitted with a new tabletop that enhanced our three-dimensional contour routing capacity. The technology can go a bit over one’s head (definitely over mine) but essentially, a code is sent to the machine with three axes – x, y and z (for height) that tells the machine how high and how far in each direction it should cut. You almost have to see it to believe it. We can carve it into basically whatever substrate, i.e., material, your little heart desires. Like your dining table for instance or maybe you want a special decorative wall mount? We know you do. And, yes we can. It is probably one of our coolest tricks.

Beat that Avatar!

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