Wayfinding – Sign Systems in Everyday Life
June 24, 2013
In 1960, Urban Planner and Author Kevin Lynch published a book called “The Image of the City”. It was in this book that he coined the universally known term “Wayfinding”. Lynch’s study basically took into account how we find our way around, i.e. how we orient ourselves, our use of physical space and our natural courses of navigation.

Throughout daily life we walk confidently through hospitals, airports, shopping malls, arenas, parks and large building complexes simply because everything is mapped out for us through signs. Of course we don’t walk around in everyday life using terms like “spatial grammar”, “tactile elements for special needs users” and “architectural sign systems”. Yet, by instinct we know what they are. They are simply the arrows, pictures and words on signs that tell us where we are, where we just came from, and where we need to be.

Architect Marcus Laing says, “When a trained Architect begins to think of “wayfinding’,  funny enough, signage is the last thing considered. The reason for this is that the goal of most designers is to create a flow that needs very little direction through spatial relationships. This being said, the psychology of the modern person expects direction and clarity in public spaces and hence the need of signage. The larger the space; the more important that need becomes. I believe in taking everything to the next level and embracing the razors’ edge in technology; signage should follow this as well. Materials, lighting and typography all combine to leave an impression and resonate with the design projects brand. The SignMan is huge in linking my design intent to signage reality.”

So, there you have it: The SignMan believes in simplifying your life through pictures, arrows and words on signs.  We pride ourselves in our ability to meet the needs of contractors and architects who have visions of clean, simple yet sophisticated signage that makes accessibility a breeze. Log on to our website and visit our Architectural Sign Systems and Directories galleries.  You’ll see that “Yes We Can” and “Yes We Do!”

The SignMan designs, fabricates, installs and supports full architectural sign systems.


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