Illuminated Signs? Yes We Can!
November 13, 2013
In the 1930s, two Boston businessmen purchased a series of hotels in Massachusetts. The name “Sheraton” for the growing franchise came about by chance. One of the hotels they purchased came with a huge illuminated sign that read “Sheraton Commander Hotel”. It would have been by far too costly and cumbersome to have the sign removed for the small company so they chose to stick with it!

Today, around the world, the Sheraton boasts large, proud, illuminated signs on skyscrapers and impressive manicured properties signifying luxury, comfort and sustainability.

Here in Nassau, driving west at night, you can’t miss the huge illuminated Sheraton sign beaming across its resort at Cable Beach. Of course, it was The Signman who rose to the occasion and insured that the sign serves the company as it should with big, bold branding!

Illuminated signs are one of our specialties at The Signman. We’re able to provide “can” or “cabinet” signs as well as individual letters in your choice of font. We’re also able to create illuminated halo effects. Visit our showroom today to discover the possibilities. Check out our website and browse our picture galleries. We’re certain you will come across familiar signs around town. So, now you know……yes we can!

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