September 12, 2013

You can tell a lot about the average busy-bodied woman by the contents of her handbag and her car. If she were to show you, in her bag you may find a bunch of keys with more than one key ring including a gym key-card. Maybe you’ll come across hand-sanitizer, a flash drive, a daily organizer, a pen, a bottle opener and credit card holder. Then, in her car there could be an insulated coffee cup, a squeeze bottle, a t-shirt, a green bag, a baseball cap and an umbrella. These are all her day to day essentials.She’s everywhere, involved in everything.  It’s 2013 and the business woman is on the move!

Now, if you’re thinking like I’m thinking, each one of these items could very well be a promotional product. If you’re thinking like I’m thinking; you’d realize that the average active woman in motion is your billboard, your flyer, your ad; your walking, talking, visible campaign. Why target the average business woman? Well, while both males and females receive an average of ten promotional giveaways in a year; studies reveal that women are more likely to carry them around and actually use them regularly. Reports indicated that the top ten items distributed in 2012 were writing instruments, shirts, bags, calendars, desk accessories, caps/headwear, drink ware, usb/flash drives, health/safety items and outerwear.

This year, Advertising Specialty Institute’s “State of the Industry” reported that in 2012, global businesses spent in excess of $19.4 billion on these promotional items. That’s a substantial investment! So, what are ways to get a return on investment (ROI) on your promotional products?

Well, a promotional product is insuperable as a marketing tool. Not only do they boost brand recognition, they also attract new clients, encourage customer loyalty and are functional. We all know a tangible object given as an endearing gesture is a great way to open the lines of communication and engage a prospective client. They’re already taken by your personable approach and are more likely to do business with someone they like. A smart marketer is also cognizant of the products that he/she invests in. A company should select products that are of value or appeal to their target audience. You will attract attention to your company at trade shows or public events by offering them something they can use. People are usually thrilled by useful “free” items. Consider also the lifetime of a promotional product. They outlive radio and print advertising and are generally expected to pass hands over months and years. This guarantees a great deal of exposure for your brand over a long period of time to a large demographic.

At The SignMan, we make it a part of our business to keep you and your brand well represented, recognized and impressive. The SignMan is a promotional product distributor and a member of Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). ASI has been in business for more than 50 years and is the world’s largest media and marketing organization for promotional products. Through ASI, The SignMan has access to over 300,000 products from over 3,000 suppliers. By logging onto our website, looking at the top right side of the screen and clicking the “PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS” link;  you’ve accessed our up-to/date online catalogue ( Also, whenever you’re ready, stop into our showroom, ask to see a few samples and view a catalogue. Our sales team is ready to share amazing new trends and ideas to get you noticed. Yes, We CAN do that!

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